Unplug: Disconnecting to Connect

Course Title: 
School Year: 
SY 2015-2016
1st Term
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Ong, Joanne Marynelle G.
Web - Video Narrative
Project Objectives: 
1.) Encourage the youth to have self discipline in order to balance time, prioritizing what is important such as doing their responsibilities and building relationships by disconnecting from the internet and connecting with the people around them 2.) Featuring beneficial activities which do not require phone usage 3.) Inform about the effects of excessive usage 4.) Show the importance of communication in building relationships 5.) Feature how the youth today use it
Project Description: 
The project to be created is a web video narrative about how the youth today use their smartphones,how it affects their interpersonal skills, relationships,and behavior. Encouraging to disconnect from their phones and reconnect with those who are around them.
Smartphone Usage Affecting Interpersonal Skills