TrainGuide: Manila Rail Travel Information

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School Year: 
SY 2015-2016
1st Term
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Caper, Kristine Marie L.
Web - Info
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Project Objectives: 
1. Promote a possible problem solution on how will MRT and LRT 1 & 2 will improved their services. 2. Give passengers a chance to give their suggestions and opinions about the three train services. 3. Present the common service and information’s of the three trains. 4. Create a medium that will promote MRT/LRT to be one of the most efficient, accessible and inclusive public transportation around Metro Manila.
Project Description: 
The project is a Web Info that consumes “three trains current information’s (MRT, LRT 1 & 2)”. MRT and LRT is a metropolitan rail system serving here around Metro Manila. They commonly serve the same purpose - a public transportation by use of a train. In some cases LRT and MRT now were facing a lot of difficulties especially on their “old system”, which cause troubles and worries for to all of their passengers. So my objective in this topic is, to promote a solution to improve their services using by their passengers opinions and suggestions, and to additionally present the common information’s, current services, and history of MRT and LRT 1 & 2. The medium will be very useful for MRT, LRT 1 & 2 users for easier way to look for what they need to know about the three trains. The project seeks to advertise the three trains services and at the same time MRT and LRT can improve their service in terms of efficiency, accessibility, and inclusivity by the help of the passengers opinions and suggestions. The Web Info will be having a “freedom page” for passenger’s insights and they can freely share their experiences (whether its good or bad) to other train users.
Light Rail Transit and Metro Rail Transit