MMAPRJ3 - Multimedia Project 3 - Post Production and Marketing


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MMAPRJ3 - Multimedia Project 3 - Post Production and Marketing


Course Description

MMAPRJ3 is designed to enable the student to produce and create a marketing plan for the student’s culminating Multimedia project (in coordination with MMBUSI2). It is expected that the student has already mastered the basic production courses needed to complete his/her chosen project. As such, this course is designed as a consultation venue between student and adviser in the area of project viability as well as monitoring the effectiveness of production management. The adviser also assists in the post-production phase of the project, the completion of documentation papers, the development of a suitable marketing plan and the preparation for an External Defense before a panel composed of practitioners in the field/s relevant to the project.

Course Credits

3 units

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MMAPRJ2 - Multimedia Project 2 - Design and Production


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