MGRAPH2 - Typography, Image and Visual Communication


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MGRAPH2 - Typography, Image and Visual Communication


Course Description

This course introduces the student to the importance of typography and images in visual communication. Type history, important typefaces and creators, and how type creates and affects meaning will be discussed in the first part of the course. The second part deals with how combining images with type affects meaning, including iconography and symbolism in visual design.

The student is introduced to the design and communication process, the importance of the audience in communication, and specific communication theories (semiotics, polysemy, Marxist theory in visual communication, and the role of the “author” in communication) that affect the practice of graphic design.

The laboratory component of the course will reinforce these ideas through various visualization exercises and projects. These exercises and projects are treated and presented as purely formal problems that will focus on visual representation and expressions in visual communication. Experimentation with various media used in the Foundation Studies courses is highly encouraged, not limiting the projects to just computer-generated works to emphasize the idea that content and meaning creation and its corresponding interpretation is not determined by software but by the effectiveness of the idea.

Course Credits

3 units

Contact Hours/Week

42 hours, 3 hours/week


MGRAPH2 - Typography, Image and Visual Communication


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