MGRAPH1 - Introduction to Graphic Design and Multimedia


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MGRAPH1 - Introduction to Graphic Design and Multimedia


Course Description

This course serves as the foundation course for all graphic design and design focused multimedia subjects.

The course introduces the student to the practice of graphic design in the contemporary world; its beginnings in the early 20th century as a field of creative practice in its own right as opposed to advertising; the future it faces in the age of technological and digital advancements; and how these advancements and other social factors have affected the practice of graphic design well beyond how it was intended by its early practitioners. This course also serves as an overview to the various directions that a graphic design practitioner can choose to go to after graduation.

The laboratory component of the course introduces the students to the basic softwares used in the industry, and is taught the importance of the use of the proper software for various design project. An understanding of the differences between these softwares, and more importantly, their application, is shown through hands-on projects that go beyond mere creation but discusses the final output and the consequences of important choices made at the beginning. The student will be taught terms and practices used in the graphic design industry and its various media to prepare him for the higher graphic design subjects.

Course Credits

3 units

Contact Hours/Week

42 hours, 3 hours/week




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