MDPHOTO - Basic Digital Photography for Multimedia Applications


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MDPHOTO - Basic Digital Photography for Multimedia Applications


Course Description

MDPHOTO introduces the concepts and body of knowledge that forms the foundation for the professional practice of photography. This course lays the groundwork for the study and conceptualization of designs in photo-imaging, specifically in the field of multimedia arts. This course is designed for students who have acquired some skills in basic photography, but need to learn the intricacies of lighting set-ups so as to support their photo design concepts. The course will focus mainly on the technical aspect of photographic lighting and its strong and direct relationship to the photo concept and design. In the same manner, the creation of design concepts for photography will help the students in many of their succeeding subjects, as most of their subjects require the use of photographic images.

Course Credits

3 units

Contact Hours/Week

42 hours, 3 hours/week




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