MADVERT - Advertising


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MADVERT - Advertising


Course Description

The course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the creative thinking process used in local and international advertising industry. Emphasis is given on what goes behind the development of highly creative advertising materials that address specific target audiences. This course aims to: further hone the students' creativity and conceptualization skills (and not anymore on technical skills. It is assumed that at this point they have already gained all necessary skills to come up with a tri-media and other required materials); understanding the target audience/market, and how they play a role in forming an advertising material; exposure to international and award-winning advertising campaigns; and lastly, the course aims to introduce the students to advertising directions that go beyond traditional media through up-to-date contemporary examples of new advertising.


The students are expected to produce all materials for the campaign. Print ads are to be presented in actual medium (newspaper mockups) + presentation viewing; radio ads are to be produced; and TVCs can be presented as animatics or produced ads. Viral ads are to be produced and uploaded on YouTube, and guerrilla ads are to be executed and documented for presentation to the class.

Course Credits

3 units

Contact Hours/Week

42 hours, 3 hours/week




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