The Kind Self

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SY 2015-2016
1st Term
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Rendon, Junessa M.
Web - Info
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The project seeks to inform the specified target audience of the merits a vegan lifestyle can give to them, which would include a positive body image and a healthier mental state. <!--break--> 1. Make an informative website that contains information about how to go vegan, articles that explain the lifestyle’s health benefits, and much more.<!--break--> 2. Encourage the specified target audience to go vegan with the help of the information the researcher has provided in the informative website.<!--break--> 3. Provide encouragement to the specified target audience that they should be positive about their body image, while promoting veganism.<!--break--> 4. To provide a contingency plan for the target audience such as patronizing a vegan meal delivery service (The V Kitchen Manila), or simply following a meal plan the researcher will be providing for them.
Project Description: 
The purpose of this project is to provide awareness regarding the impact of media and poor nutrition on female college students’ mental and physical health. They should consider shifting to a vegan lifestyle if they find themselves in an unhealthy mental state such as having bad body image. By going vegan, they will become healthier mentally, emotionally, and physically because it has been proven that by shifting to a diet that is comprised mostly of plant food, alleviates depression and anxiety, and it improves the quality of one’s life.
Body Positivity Through Veganism
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