Dangers of Buying Food in the Market Place

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SY 2015-2016
1st Term
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Concepcion, Marty I.
Web - Video Feature
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Project Objectives: 
This project aims to: • Provide the needed information about the dangers of food bought in the market place • Serve as a guide in order to make sure that everyone’s safe and aware • Lessen the instances where people get sick because of the products they bought in the market place • Make sure that the information given by the project will be easy to remember
Project Description: 
Food will always be a need in our life. People definitely need it in order to survive, but food can also be a carrier of different kinds of danger. Some people get food poisoning because of double-dead meat aka ‘Botcha’ which not only does it cause food poisoning, it can also cause death (Department of Health. Eating 'botcha' Can Cause Illness, Death.). People can’t be too sure about the things we digest, recently 2 people died and 1 got hospitalized because of a milk tea. We are unsure about the cause of it and where did it come from but the point is what they digested took 2 lives, almost 3 for the other almost died also. The project is made to make people aware about the safety and dangers that can be found in products in the market place. It’s made for the people who usually buy food and other stuff in the market place and somehow, a lot of people can relate to it for everyone will be affected in this project. This project aims to build that bridge that will connect the unaware people and make sure that they’ll be aware of the simple safety precautions that are needed whenever buying and preparing the food. Even though people are aware already, people should still see to it that they follow the simple safety precautions in cleaning the products that they bought in the market place for it can endanger the people who are about to digest it. If the project succeeds, a huge amount of people will benefit and the accidents that usually occur because of digesting bad food will gradually lessen.