Bridging Digital Divide

Course Title: 
School Year: 
SY 2015-2016
1st Term
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Lee, Stacey Bryan C.
Web - Narrative Animation
Project Objectives: 
The project aims to help and understand school teachers as to be able to educate their students about the importance of social connection (face-to-face conversations) and the project may also serve as a sort of “warning” of what may happen for Gen Z themselves.
Project Description: 
In the today’s world where more is expected upon the youth compared to the youth before unknowingly society has shaped the mind set of individuality wherein each person is classified by their achievements, wealth and consumerism this individualistic nature causes the modern day individuals to seek a better way of keeping up with the world but at the same time keeping up socially (as we know man is a social creature). But here comes social media, hopeful and at the same time an ever young brand of technology in which many confuse its effectiveness to connect everyone to creating relationships. The paradox in which an individual believes in that he/she will never be lonely due to the mere fact that he/she is connected with world will device the actual truth that they have become the very thing they have worked so hard not to become, lonely.
Digital Divide in Society